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Quality Debt-Free Education for All

Jimmy was the beneficiary of a public education and attended community college and UCLA. He believes that students should not graduate from school with crushing debt, and that a public college education should be debt free. He will fight the DeVos agenda to take resources out of public education through vouchers, and is committed to protecting funding for community colleges, vocational education, universities, public schools (including libraries, museums, arts education and STEM), IDEA programs and Head Start so that every child has access to a quality education. Jimmy also supports investing in resources for teacher training and retention programs through loan forgiveness.


Health Care for All

The Affordable Care Act was not perfect, but it was a significant step in the right direction, by expanding health coverage to cover pre-existing conditions, mental health, and maternity coverage as well as reducing the number of uninsured individuals. Jimmy will fight to protect the gains made by the ACA, make improvements to fix the imperfections in the law and move us toward a single-payer system with universal coverage. In the Assembly, he is he is a co-author of the Healthy California Act of 2017 – California’s single payer healthcare plan.


Immigration Reform

Unlike Donald Trump, Jimmy believes that immigration and diversity contributes to the fabric of this country and makes us better.¬†Banning immigration based on religion is unconstitutional, and splitting up families to deport parents of U.S. citizens is morally wrong.¬†Jimmy will stand up and fight for all of us who are threatened by the Trump agenda of fear and division, just as we have done here in California ‚Äď protecting DACA, implementing comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together, and bringing undocumented persons out of the shadows with a path to citizenship.



The economic recovery from the Great Recession has yet to reach many Californians, that’s why Jimmy supports investments in infrastructure, training, and education to create job opportunities in new industries like green energy, technology, entertainment and biotechnology available to all Californians. Jobs created must also pay a livable wage. In the Assembly, Jimmy sponsored legislation to help small businesses retrofit existing facilities to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and will take that approach to Washington to expand resources to help small businesses succeed and to invest in the infrastructure, education and transportation resources to expand opportunities for all Californians. As a former labor organizer, Jimmy supported the $15 California minimum wage and is committed to raising the national minimum wage, and securing worker protections under attack by the Trump Administration.


Paid Family Leave and Working Families

Jimmy is a national champion on Paid Family Leave. He authored and passed landmark legislation, Assembly Bill 908, the nation’s most progressive expansion of Paid Family Leave that President Obama hailed as a model for Congress. As a former labor organizer, Jimmy will fight income inequality and is committed to raising the minimum wage and securing worker protections under attack by the Trump Administration.


Protecting our Environment and Fighting Climate Change

Jimmy received the Green Leadership Award for ‚Äúbold environmental leadership‚ÄĚ from Green California, a coalition of over 100 environmental organizations, and is endorsed by the Sierra Club. In the Assembly, Jimmy advanced bills to fund grants for river revitalization and sped up deadlines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.¬†Jimmy will continue to fight for environmental justice, preserving our natural resources, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, investing in mass transit, smart development and will make fighting the effects of climate change a priority ‚Äď this includes fighting Obama Administration policy rollbacks by climate change deniers from the Trump Administration and holding them responsible.


Women’s Rights

Jimmy received the Champion of Choice Award from Planned Parenthood in 2015 because of his record of standing for gender equality, and is endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. He supports equal pay for equal work, the Paycheck Fairness Act and will fight the GOP’s war against women and access to health care. Jimmy supports rigorous enforcement of Title IX, expanding STEM education programs that confront violence against women, and foreign policies that help women break through social, legal and economic barriers throughout the world.



Jimmy will protect Medicare and Social Security from GOP “restructuring” and oppose cuts to¬†safety net programs like Meals on Wheels¬†and heating assistance. He supports Windfall Elimination Provision reform and expanding Social Security to strengthen the program in the long term.



Jimmy is endorsed by Equality California and the Stonewall Democratic Club. ¬†In the Assembly, he successfully sponsored bills signed into law, which required senior care facilities to undergo training on serving LGBTQIA seniors, and another to change birth certificates for same gender couples. As Assembly Appropriations Chair, he helped to pass many other bills including Assembly Bill 959 to require the state to collect information based on sexual orientation in the course of demographic collection efforts.¬†In Congress, Jimmy will oppose any effort to advance so-called ‚Äúreligious liberty‚ÄĚ bills which¬†are attempts¬†to legitimize discrimination against LGBT individuals and families and maintain advances made by the Obama Administration to protect LGBT rights, protections and services.



Through their service, veterans have sacrificed for all of us.  America needs to repay that service and sacrifice by fully funding veterans programs, including VA medical benefits and mental health support programs, job training, VHA loans, housing and other support programs.  We need to ensure that our veterans have the support they need.


Campaign Finance Reform

Jimmy was the principal author of the California DISCLOSE Act, which proposed expanded campaign reform and disclosures in California.¬†He will support the overturn of Citizen’s United with the goal of public financing of elections.


Criminal Justice Reform

Jimmy supports safe communities, which includes criminal justice reform to ensure equal access to justice regardless of income. He is a co-author of a bill to ban for-profit prisons in California and supports bail reform and sentencing reform for non-violent offenses. Full funding of veterans courts, drug treatment, homeless programs (including HUD-VASH and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and Second Chance Act programs are critical to provide services and support to at-risk populations.  He is also a strong supporter of after school and gang prevention programs.


Animal Welfare

As the owner of a shelter dog, Austin, Jimmy Gomez is a huge proponent of animal adoption from shelters and rescues. In addition to hosting numerous pet adoption and care events in his district, Jimmy received a 100% scorecard rating from the California Humane Association of California for the last 4 years. In Congress, Jimmy will push to increase enforcement funding to protect endangered species from poaching, add penalties for animal cruelty and allow expanded access for service animals for veterans.

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